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On The Boards | Press Conference for Malcolm X WSLC



On September 6th, a few days after disclosing he will not seek reelection as Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel spoke at City Colleges of Chicago’s Malcolm X College West Side Learning Center (WSLC) announcing a $5 million investment at the WSLC. While Mayor Emanuel will no longer be serving the City of Chicago, he is working to make sure the community, specifically the West Side, will continue to grow and develop.

Mayor Emanuel, President Sanders, Chancellor Salgado, and Alderman Ervin spoke about the vision the WSLC will play a part in for the West Side. “I don't want people to look down Chicago Avenue, see the promise of Chicago, and feel like its 20,000 miles away,” Emanuel said. “This facility will not just be new. It will be the lynchpin to all the jobs and careers in Chicago and rather than recruiting around the city, they’ll be recruiting and hiring from within the City of Chicago.”

The health sciences renovation includes the creation of new classrooms, biology labs, renovations of the entry and lobby, and the addition of a flexible community center to be used by the College, as well as the community at large. By investing in the WSLC, Chicago is also investing in the city’s West Side community. "When we make smart investments in Chicago's neighborhoods, good things follow,” said Alderman Jason C. Ervin, 28th Ward. “Our community is excited to see resources dedicated to education and career advancement while also creating new space for community use." The satellite campus offers residents a link to higher education opportunities and engages the community. Training and educating local students leads to career opportunities with nearby employers such as the Illinois Medical District and Loretto Hospital.

These renovations for the WSLC, a satellite campus of Malcolm X College, are being designed by Bailey Edward Principal Ellen Dickson, with Project Architect Zach Clark and Project Designer Damon Wilson. BE is proud to support the mission and vision of City Colleges of Chicago and Mayor Emanuel. By designing for the college and the community, the WSLC will positively impact the City of Chicago.