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Community | BE at National Guard Workshop

Illinois National Guard


While BE has worked with Illinois National Guard on numerous projects including readiness centers, armories, hangars and many others, it’s important to us to continue learning about the many forms of operations the Illinois National Guard employs. If we want to continue to best serve the Illinois National Guard we must understand their operation as a whole.

Last month, BE’s Todd Higginbotham and Kevin Schnebly attended “Deep Dive- Doing Business with the Guard”, a business workshop with the Illinois National Guard in Springfield, Illinois. The event covered procurement opportunities with the Illinois National Guard and Federal Government, including the products and services they purchase, the purchase process, and the steps to success.

In attendance were a handful of local entrepreneurs and business owners eager to learn about the long and short-term opportunities available with the Illinois National Guard. The presentation was conducted by LTC Brian Creech, Deputy USPFO, Illinois Army National Guard and Declan Binninger, Attorney, Freeborn and Peters LL. Speakers gave a 30 minute general overview about the various types of services that are needed by the Illinois National Guard, and the steps that one can take to become a provider.

The event was held at Innovate Springfield (iSPI), a business incubator and innovation space. iSPI puts on a variety of workshops including how to pitch a business, maximizing technology for a business, and learning tangible ways to determine whether or not one’s business idea is viable/feasible for consumers. This was an excellent venue, as the Illinois National Guard’s LTC Creech emphasized that the National Guard is more than willing to assist service providers and look to empower them to expand their business into the military sector.

We’re proud to support the Illinois National Guard in their efforts and are excited about the possibility of continuing to service their design and facility needs!