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Projects | Integrated Bio-Processing Research Lab Wraps up at UIUC

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As the summer construction season hits its peak, Bailey Edward and CORE Construction are winding down on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Studies (ACES) campus where the new Integrated Bio-Processing Research Laboratory (IBRL) reached substantial completion.

IBRL will be one of two North American flexible, plug-and-play pilot plants and analytical laboratories - the first delivered through a design-build methodology - that will bring faculty, students, and private industry together to shorten the time-frame and lessen the cost of developing efficient and economical strategies for the production of renewable bio-based products. The 40,000 SF facility houses research, classrooms, administrative and teaching spaces, and analytical laboratories including biotechnology, fermenting, corn milling and soybean processing. What sets the design of this facility apart is the scale of the laboratory which supports research at each step in the bioenergy value chain allowing academic and corporate scientists to move from lab bench research discoveries to commercial production.

Bailey Edward worked in conjunction with CORE Construction for the design / build of the two-story processing space that fosters pilot agricultural research and wide-ranging technologies. The laboratory accommodates a wide variety of equipment that supports analysis, deconstruction, fermentation, thermochemical processes, co-product evaluation and the optimization of cellulosic material into energy.

Omar Bailey, the Project Manager and one of the key architects for IBRL, will be presenting a case study on the laboratory at the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories at the annual conference in Raleigh, North Carolina this October.