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People | BE Summer Staff Shake-Up

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School’s out and summer’s here especially down in our Champaign office. With the end of the school year we say goodbye to our two undergraduate interns, Amber and Henry, as they go enjoy their summer vacations. Amber Robbs and Henry Dickson are pursuing their degrees in architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Both worked part-time in the BE Champaign office throughout the school year, putting in hours in between classes and homework. We wish them the best as they continue to grow into their careers in architecture!

As the summer season rolls in, so do the new hires! Two part-time employees have joined the Champaign office and one full-time employee began in Chicago. We’re excited to welcome Lauren Garriott and Violet LaBrosse, students in the graduate architecture program at UIUC, and Stephanie Rydecki, who just completed the University of Michigan Masters in architecture program.

Lauren chose to enter the field of architecture because of her love of being creative with art and design, as well as playing the Sims computer game growing up. She loves to bake desserts – and hopefully will bring some to the office!

Violet has always enjoyed handcrafting and excelled at math which led her to pursue architecture. Violet has a sister 17 years younger whom she is trying to convince to become an architect as well.

Stephanie pursued architecture because it is a technically advanced profession that remains highly creative. Stephanie was a collegiate figure skater and loves to travel.

If you’re interested in joining the Bailey Edward team, let us know! Send your resumes to