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Community | Damon Serves as Reviewer for Grad-Level Students



Bailey Edward places an emphasis on the importance of education among its employees through both the design and maintenance of higher education facilities. Last month, Damon Wilson exemplified that BE value by participating as a professional reviewer for a graduate-level architecture design studio at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

The graduate students were tasked with the analysis and design of a market hall located in downtown Champaign. Students prepared physical models and digital images to present to a panel of reviewers as a simulation of presenting to a client. The reviewers were a collection of practicing professionals and UIUC faculty that the students had never worked with so as to provide a fresh set of feedback.

Damon’s job was to listen to the presentations, critique their design and push the conversation forward to help students elaborate on their design decisions. This exercise helps the students prepare for similar situations they will encounter when working in the industry.

For Damon, this was a chance to give back and reconnect with UIUC. As an alumna of UIUC’s architecture graduate program himself, Damon enjoys the opportunity to return to campus and reunite with faculty and fellow classmates. Damon explained, “Going back to campus helps reset the mind in a way; it provides a break from the professional world of deadlines and projects. It’s nice to get back in the mindset of a student for a change.”