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Projects | University of Illinois Hospital Opening New Postpartum Wing

Bailey Edward Uic 1


On Friday, March 16th Bailey Edward was honored to attend the opening reception for their design of the University of Illinois Hospital (UIH) Northwest Wing 5th floor postpartum care rooms. The UIH was looking for a way to attract new patients and create more profitability through a new revenue stream. Therefore, UIH needed new design standards to give the hospital a fresh, revitalized look.

The event was held on the 5th floor and the nursing staff and doctors who will be using the newly renovated facility were excited about the changes. David Loffing, the Chief Operating Officer of the UI Medical Center, was also in attendance and offered his congratulations for the finished project. Another comment made to the Bailey Edward staff was that these upgrades will make UIC more competitive with the surrounding, larger hospitals, and help appeal to a broader audience.

The renovations were in response to changing patient trends and in acknowledgement of different nursing needs. The new design will provide flexibility for multiple acuity uses, enhanced nurse care, family-stay capabilities and accessibility upgrades. The ultimate goal of the design was to speed the delivery of care to mother and baby, as well as to create a home-like feeling for the patient. In addition, the design caters to the needs of the nurses, by providing in-room nurse servers, a new nurses station, four new workstations, and a flexible equipment bay.

The University of Illinois Hospital will now be implementing Bailey Edward’s designs as a standard for the rest of the hospital, most immediately, on the Northwest Wing’s 4th floor labor and delivery rooms.