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Projects | Kankakee AASF Featured in The Military Engineer

Kankakee Army And Aviation Facility 0002 (Brightened)


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Bailey Edward is featured in The Military Engineer’s spring energy issue! This issue provides articles and projects that serve as examples of leaders in the industry acknowledging, adapting and developing new ways to power our military’s facilities.

The innovative efforts of the BE team are recognized as a prime example on how to create a large, multi-functional facility where sustainability is taken into consideration at every step. The Kankakee AASF is a LEED Silver certified facility and its design is a testament to BE’s commitment to creating sustainable buildings. Throughout the design process, the BE team worked hard to ensure that the Kankakee AASF was functional, state-of-the-art, and sustainable.

The larger a facility, the harder it is to remain energy efficient. With a facility that encompasses both an army readiness center, an army aviation support facility, and home to 12 Blackhawk helicopters, remaining sustainable was no simple feat. Extensive daylighting studies were utilized to maximize interior daylight for a better environment; multiple high-efficiency condensing boilers keep the helicopter hangars comfortable and the tarmac ice-free while reducing energy consumption; and variable refrigerant flow allows for simultaneous heating and cooling minimizing the amount of mechanical cooling needed.

Thank you to The Military Engineer for featuring Bailey Edward’s work, and congratulations to all those who took part of the creation of this remarkable facility. 

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