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Projects | Malcolm X West Side Learning Center


The City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) has spent the 2010’s refocusing their mission from accessible education to “Education that Works,” providing exceptional learning opportunities and educational services for Chicago’s diverse student populations in order to successfully achieve employment and benefit society. After the success of the new building on Malcolm X College’s main campus by Cannon Design, Moody Nolan, and Tilton Kelly + Bell, CCC turned their attention to the College’s satellite location, the West Side Learning Center (WSLC), a 24,500 sf facility located in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. Bailey Edward is working with the CCC to renovate and expand WSLC to extend the positive impact of the main campus and better serve student demand for additional School of Health Sciences courses.

Malcolm X’s main campus, located on the Near West Side of Chicago, recently underwent renovations to upgrade their facilities as part of a seven year reinvention initiative, Reinvention7, focused on ensuring student success in both the classroom and the workplace. The central idea of Reinvention7 is to create a culture of student success that permeates each college – a culture driven to see that every student meets his or her goal and earns a credential of economic value. These renovations had a major impact on both the students and the surrounding community.

Of the nearly 1,000 jobs created through the main campus project, 120 were dedicated to qualified applicants in the surrounding Near West side communities. Since completion, student retention and graduation rates have increased, local partnerships with community groups, healthcare providers and Chicago Public Schools were established, and the surrounding neighborhood has experienced revitalization. Malcolm X opened their physical therapy space to the public, increasing traffic and community involvement with the college. The United Center, which neighbors the campus, put in an ice rink for the Chicago Blackhawks to train on, as well as the for the public to use. Each of these efforts attracts more people to the area and creates a stronger sense of community.

The complete rehabilitation of the WSLC will extend the main campus’ mission to be a best-in-class large, urban community college providing affordable, quality education that leads to employment and prosperity for Chicago. Bailey Edward’s design process includes an engagement focus to better understand the challenges the school and neighborhood face, and in what ways the WSLC can equip students and the community with what they need to thrive. Working with the Malcolm X and the School of Health Sciences, students will be able to learn in a hands-on environment the concepts and principles of patient care to be effective members of the healthcare team. Simulation laboratories and clinical experiences will be part of the holistic learning experience to empower students into the workforce.

Bailey Edward hopes the West Side Learning Center not only provides an excellent educational facility for students, but also brings growth and engagement to the community.

CCC Mission
Through our seven colleges, we deliver exceptional learning opportunities and educational services for diverse student populations in Chicago.

We enhance knowledge, understanding, skills, collaboration, community service and life-long learning by providing a broad range of quality, affordable courses, programs, and services to prepare students for success in a technologically advanced and increasingly interdependent global society.

We work to eliminate barriers to employment and to address and overcome inequality of access and graduation in higher education.