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People | Omar Renews his Self-Certification



At Bailey Edward we work to streamline the process of building construction to make our clients' lives easier. With every project there are many moving parts and required coordination with various parties of interest. Last month, Associate Principal, Omar Bailey, renewed his self-certification with the City of Chicago during a three-day workshop with the City, exemplifying Bailey Edward’s commitment to quality work and dedication to the client. Omar’s certification allows Bailey Edward to help with tight schedules by shortening the turnaround time on permits.

Valid for five years, this certification allows the Bailey Edward team to expedite the permit process. In lieu of submitting drawings to City of Chicago, waiting for reviewers to confirm that the drawings are up to code, and then sending those drawings back to Bailey Edward, Omar can certify that he has reviewed the drawings and that the drawings abide by City code requirements. The certification also proves Bailey Edward is thorough in our work, showing that we are entrusted by the City of Chicago since we don’t require outside verification.

Coincidentally, Omar’s certification workshop was held at Malcolm X College, a new Bailey Edward client. Plan to see updates on exciting changes at their West Side Learning Center.