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Arcade Expansion Interior


Located on a 19-acre parcel of land overlooking Lake Michigan, North Shore Congregation Israel (NSCI) is host to a beautiful worship space designed by modernist architect, Minoru Yamasaki. The main building was built in 1964 with a smaller sanctuary added in 1979. Bailey Edward conducted a facilities condition assessment (FCA) to determine long and short-term repairs and analyze the state of the current building systems. To complement the FCA study, Bailey Edward developed a master plan with design phasing and estimates so the leaders can begin fundraising and garner a better understanding of congregational interest in improving NSCI. The master plan involves three main elements: the expansion of the Arcade, a new office environment, and two design options for the remodel of Crown Hall.

The Arcade is the product of Yamasaki’s modernist design, creating a stunning entry to the worship facility and a beautiful processional sequence into the sanctuary space. Bailey Edward’s design expands the entry experience to provide more communal space to gather and meet before or after services. The addition will also host a coat check, gift shop, lounge seating and a space to hold smaller events, resulting in a useful and flexible community space.

The incorporation of a new office entrance in the Arcade expansion was the first step in the reorganization of the administrative offices and consolidates the heads of programs, localizing the CEO of Development and the Rabbi. A combination of open office floor plan and all new furnishings will offer a fresh feel for the congregation’s administration.

Crown Hall, a 1979 award-winning addition by Hammond, Beeby and Babka, is an event space for the congregation. Bailey Edward has designed two renovation options for Crown Hall; both designs create open vistas to the lake and provide more versatility for the congregation. Furthermore, the 1980’s style finishes show signs of wear and tear and need an update that is both more modern and efficient. The first option is less intrusive simply adding moveable partitions to use for various programs, offering the large space flexibility for the size of events that are held. The second option is to build an expansion of Crown Hall to increase the occupancy of the area by 50 percent. The expansion would include similar partition features and updates to the finishes.

Armed with the master plan from Bailey Edward, North Shore Congregation Israel is set to begin fundraising for these opportunities. If you’d like to contribute or learn more about North Shore Congregation Israel’s services, visit