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Projects | BE's Work at College of DuPage Wins Design Award

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On November 2, 2017, members of the American Institute of Architects Prairie Chapter and representatives from architecture firms from around the state gathered in Champaign, Illinois to celebrate the 2017 AIA Prairie Design Awards. Firms submitted their best projects for several categories including; adaptive reuse, interior design, sustainable design, architecture design, and enduring architecture design.

Bailey Edward’s Robin Whitehurst and Todd Higginbotham were honored to attend the event as Bailey Edward’s adaptive reuse of the College of DuPage Naperville Regional Center garnered the top design award in its category, the Excellence in Design Award. Todd Higginbotham, from Bailey Edward’s Champaign office, serves on the board for the AIA Prairie Chapter (although he didn’t get to vote!)

Bailey Edward’s work at the College of DuPage Naperville Regional Center was to create a sense of belonging to the College of DuPage’s university system. As a satellite campus and community college, a student’s time on campus is generally transitory as students come and go right before and after classes. Bailey Edward worked to create an engaging learning environment that encouraged students to linger and connect with the college’s staff and fellow students.

Congratulations to the rest of the Bailey Edward team and all of our sub consultants for their work on this impressive project!