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On the Boards | Bailey Edward Office Renovation

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At Bailey Edward, we are always searching for creative, responsive, and outside-the-box design solutions not just for our client’s projects but for ourselves as well. In the last ten years Bailey Edward has changed dramatically, and as our company has grown, so has our main office located at 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2800, Chicago IL. In order to provide an ample and fluid work environment and to support our future growth, Bailey Edward’s design staff led by our own LEED Green Associate, Chris Hainer, has reassessed our office layout and developed a brand new office design. With our office renovations set to take place in early September, we believe our new layout will integrate our collaborative design approach, better suit our staffing needs, and modernize our design.

As we have more employees in different roles across the office, we needed to find ways to change not only our office layout, but our ways of using the space. This led us to take a new approach to our material’s library, the storage of our marketing and print materials, and our use of meeting spaces. Additionally, we need to manage the opinions, needs and desires of a group of designers. A large part of the process has involved discussions between the principals and staff to decide what we want to accomplish, how layout options enhanced these goals and, ultimately which direction to take.

Bailey Edward’s new office will feature several new design elements that represent our approach to design and aesthetics, and presents an environment that is appealing to our clients and employees. At the core of our office, a new collaboration space will add a new level of interaction, collaboration, and transparency between employees.

Our office redesign will invigorate and continue to drive Bailey Edward’s design efforts and solutions for the next ten years to come. Although summer is coming to an end, construction on our new office will soon be starting up.

Be Office Model Collab Space Render