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People | BE Employee Receives AIA Chicago Award



With an unconventional approach and design, client essential needs are able to be met efficiently and quickly. Through developing his own unconventional approaches, Bailey Edward’s Derar Ibrahim, who recently graduated with a Masters of Architecture at the School of the Art Institute, has been awarded 2nd place in the AIA Chicago’s Award in Architecture student competition for his entry on providing temporary housing structures to refugees. 

This year, the AIA received over 30 innovative entries from six different schools. The competition asked students to provide conceptual, interior, and architectural ideas along with background information on their research and iterative process. Additionally, with each entry students had to include a model of their structure along with several renderings of their architectural creation. 

Derar’s entry titled “Resilient School for Migrant Population”, addressed the educational and housing obstacles that many refugees around the world are currently facing during times of war and civil unrest. Using the Syrian Refugee Crisis as a backdrop, Derar focused his case study on the “Atama Camp”, the largest displacement camp at the border of Turkey and Syria. In order to bring educational opportunities that can help bridge the humanitarian and development divide that plagues displaced persons, Derar’s entry devised mobile, portable, and safe resilient learning centers, and recreational, communal facilities. 

Discussing the need for such temporary learning centers Derar said, “In these circumstances, children need special treatment and support within specific customized learning environments that can provide safe spaces and protection from risk, fear, stress, and violence”.
The camp which is 825 acres, houses 24,000 people of which 40% are ages 3-18 years old. Dividing the population into four categories (Ages 3-5, Ages 6-13, Teenagers, and Adults), each group needed to inhabit a space that addressed different curriculums and teaching methodologies based on age, experience, and special needs. The learning centers which resemble cylindrical tubes can be prebuilt and shipped on-site via an aircraft, truck, or helicopter or can be assembled on-site using local materials.

The ceremony will be held on December 6th, where he along with the other winners and honorable mention recipients will receive their awards and recognition.