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Projects | College of DuPage new Surgical Simulation Lab



Simulation teaching and learning environments are important in the field of academia as these environments prepare students with experiences and skills for job environments. To better prepare their nursing students for real-life surgical situations, the College of DuPage (COD) expanded its existing surgical simulation laboratory in the Health and Sciences Center, thereby doubling COD’s course capacity. 

The storage and kitchenette areas adjacent to the existing simulation space were transformed by adding surgical simulation tables, simulated surgical lighting, and mobile equipment. Within the existing space, dividing walls were removed to make the area more flexible and new storage systems provided immediate access to frequently used supplies. Finally, the current laboratory locker rooms which were underutilized were converted into much needed additional storage spaces. 

These new teaching spaces allow instructors to easily supervise students while classes are being taught and increase the amount of teaching areas in a previously underutilized space. Ultimately, students from various majors gain hands-on learning experiences making them more valuable to their future healthcare employers.

“The new simulation space met our expectations and we saw an increase in both form and function” -Chris Wosachlo, COD Project Manager