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Projects | Building Around a Secret: ISU Plaza Dedication

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Bailey Edward helped build suspense and a student plaza at Illinois State University (ISU) this spring. The plaza, visualized 10 years ago by a group of students, was to be centered around a statue, the likes of which were kept secret from everyone, including the Bailey Edward team. Equipped with only the approximate size and weight of the statue, Bailey Edward implemented Hitchcock Design Group’s plans for a gathering space for the west end of the main quad on ISU’s campus. With the weight of the statue known, Bailey Edward was able to create a solid foundation for its placement and turned the existing lawn into a decorative brick and brick paver area to create a versatile campus hotspot. Bailey Edward also installed swing sets, bike parking and locking stations, and several walkways to the adjacent buildings to encourage student activity.

On May 11th, Omar Bailey, Bailey Edward’s Project Manager, attended the dedication ceremony for the new plaza. ISU’s President Larry Dietz and Vice-President Levester Johnson gave speeches, as well as Ryan Powers, the student member of the ISU Board of trustees, who helped finally bring this student vision to fruition. Omar, along with the members of the Board, the Boyer family who donated the funds for the plaza, and other faculty watched as the statue was finally unveiled. A large bust of Reggie Redbird, the ISU mascot, stood prominently in the middle of the plaza. The plaza brought together the west end of campus and its neighboring buildings, and created a unique and fun gathering space for students and their surrounding community. The plaza is poised to be a school-spirit filled meeting point for incoming, current, and past students. Omar was even lucky enough to snag a photo with the guy of the hour, Reggie Redbird himself.

Read more about the ISU Redbird Plaza dedication on the ISU website.