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Community | Susan Volunteers at First United Methodist Church

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Everyone has gone without something at some point in their lives. Maybe new clothes or a cell phone, but how many have gone without a place that they can call home or without having their basic needs met?

As a new resident in Chicago, Susan Turner was overwhelmed by the visibly homeless on the way back and forth to work each day. She decided to take action and turned to the First United Methodist Church’s homeless ministry to participate as an effective way to help. Between 150 and 200 people are served and provided with a hot breakfast each week. The food is cooked at the First United Methodist Church in the commercial kitchen that was designed by Bailey Edward and then served at Grace Place. The ministry provides services such as access to a nurse practitioner and legal aid, and referrals to housing and work programs. Things like toiletries, outerwear, shirts, pants, and many more are also given away. In addition, specially designed backpacks, called CITYPAK, are provided once a year which features ankle tethers and integral ponchos.

Susan knew about this church and their ministry through her work on the FUMC Sanctuary Restoration project with Bailey Edward, her first project in Chicago. This project involved creating a multi-purpose space where the church could host their 12 ministries. After many years of washing dishes and serving food in the kitchen, one day Susan was asked to fill in for the pastor who was out sick, and she presented the gospel with a brief message. Now, Susan’s monthly inspiration is part of the many ways she helps out.

You can find Bailey Edward’s Susan Turner at Grace Place, located on 637 S. Dearborn, on the second Saturday of each month. The program always welcomes new volunteers and donors. We believe in serving our community through volunteering and mentoring.

Please visit the Homeless Mission's website if you would like to join their mission.