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On The Boards | UIUC English Building Slate Roof

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Solve for X is often the request for a complex geometry problem, but for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign English Building’s complicated roof geometry with domes, dormers and over 145 roof surfaces, the Bailey Edward team required more than pencil and paper. Built in 1907 with a 1911 addition, the English Building’s slate had not been replaced since 1969.

To accurately assess all of the existing conditions, our team laser scanned the entire building, as well as performed infrared thermography, destructive testing, borescope investigations, and created a WUFI model to understand existing conditions. During these investigations, the team determined that the weight of the existing slate roof tiles overstressed the supporting structure. The thorough investigations comprehensively scoped the project which could then be phased. Armed with the existing conditions and laser scan model, Bailey Edward could direct the proper techniques and sequential order for the renovation and restoration of the roof surfaces, masonry walls and chimneys, building structure, wood cornices, dormers, windows, lightning protection and attic ventilation in order to return the English Building to its former glory on UIUC’s historic quad. All work was prepared consistently with the UIUC standards, and in keeping with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for preservation.

Currently out to bid, the first phase of the renovations will serve as a template for remaining areas of work to be done. The project will improve the safety of students, increase the energy efficiency of the building, and lower operating costs for the University.

To see our process, visit our UIUC English Building Facebook album to see images of the building before, under investigation and in the WUFI model prior to submitting a bid.