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Projects | Kankakee AASF High Expansion Foam Test

Kaasf Foam 2


The jingle running through everyone’s mind was “Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor” during the High Expansion Foam (HEF) system testing at the Illinois National Guard Readiness Center and Army Aviation Support Facility in Kankakee, Illinois. High expansion foam is used for fire suppression when an enclosed space, such as a hangar used for training and repair of Blackhawk Helicopters, must be quickly filled.

High expansion foam is used for oil fires, like those that may arise from jet fuel. Testing the HEF system is a requirement prior to certifying the system. Therefore, on Friday, October 28th, Bailey Edward’s Kevin Schnebly oversaw and recorded the testing of the HEF system. As part of the test, certain height and speed requirements are required for the foam in order for the system to pass inspection. As seen in the video, the barrels in the middle of the room needed to be covered within a certain time limit. The minimum height the foam needed to reach is marked on the plastic covering on the walls.

The system accomplished all requirements and passed inspection. Luckily, unlike the movie tagline “It crawls…It creeps…It eats you alive!”, the foam dried over the weekend, turned into a light powdery dust, and was swept out of the space the following Monday.