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Award | Bailey Edward to be awarded at the 2016 ALA Design Awards

Cod Kiosk


Just as Team USA is proud to bring back medals from the Olympics, Bailey Edward is proud of its medals of recognition achieved this summer. Two design submissions from Bailey Edward will receive recognition from the Association of Licensed Architects (ALA).

The Design Awards Program is the ALA’s annual showcase of the power of design by members with winning entries becoming highlighted in the winter issue of Licensed Architect magazine. Bailey Edward showcased the power of design through transforming a dull and outdated college campus into a lively and thriving academic hub as well as envisioning adaptable lakefront facilities for public use.

Receiving a Silver Medal was the College of DuPage Naperville Regional Center restoration project. Bailey Edward’s design efforts transformed an aesthetically mundane and outdated 1990 built facility into a vibrant and welcoming academic environment through multiple exterior and interior updates. Interior spaces were redesigned to be open, colorful areas that were purposefully made visible through glass walls and enveloped with natural daylight as much as possible to illuminate common areas and learning spaces to stimulate creative thinking. As for the exterior, which previously was uninviting and drab, it became transformed through implementing a lively color palette, a veiled exterior aluminum cladding, and native plantings.

Additionally, Bailey Edward received a Merit Award for our conceptual design of a multi-purpose Lakefront Kiosk for Chicago’s Biennial Lakefront Kiosk Competition. The kiosk or “vessel” was envisioned as an organism for culture and interaction, providing an eco-system for unlimited occupants. Various types of users such as families, musicians, yoga classes, dance or theater performances, and art installations can inhabit and find their sense of place along the lakefront within the vessel’s shelter. The structure was designed to be flexible with its curving shape alluding to natural forms such as sand dunes, waves, and shells is enhanced by photovoltaic fins along its skeletal-like ribbed support system. Additionally, the vessel is designed to be made with renewable and environmentally friendly materials such as hemp resin, a rapidly-renewable natural fiber common in the Great Lakes Basin, and BASF acrudor resin which is a formaldehyde-free binder.

The ALA Design Awards will be presented on October 3rd at Drury Lane in Oakbrook, Illinois.