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People | Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Above And Beyond The Glass Ceiling Front Cover


Spanx, The Huffington Post, and Bailey Edward Design. What do these companies have in common? Answer: Creative, insightful women CEOs and featured chapters in Michael Caldwell’s Above and Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Compelling Stories of 25 Women Who Shattered the Barriers to Their Ascension in the World of Business.

The book profiles a diverse group of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. They range in age from twentysomething to octogenarian, are ethnically diverse, and come from dramatically different personal and professional backgrounds, but what they share is an innate intelligence, vision, tenacity, self-belief, and humanity to create successful businesses that thrive in today’s challenging economic and social environment.

Ellen Dickson, recognized for her accomplishments in architecture, was included in this book alongside other businesswomen such as Meg Whitman, Susan Wojcicki, and Jessica Alba.  Approaching our 25th year in business, Bailey Edward has grown from a sole-proprietorship to a 33 person firm serving clients such as the General Services Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Illinois, and Urban Outfitters.

The book will be available for purchase through Creative Classics, but contact Bailey Edward’s marketing department if you would like a free copy.