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Each Spring, the Illinois General Assembly must pass legislation that provides the Capital Development Board with continued spending authority, referred to as “capital reappropriations,” for ongoing State facility and Higher Education building construction projects. The Capital Development Board provides funding for architecture and engineering services to public buildings; institutions which support our students and teachers, military, and yes...even our government officials.

In 2016, the FY2016 capital reappropriations passed (HB4166/Public Act 99-007), which only authorized $4 million of the over $2.1 billion legislated. As outlined in this Restore CDB Construction Reappropriations release  from the Capital Development Board, the consequences for not issuing the capital reappropriations are severe.

As Architects and Engineers, we are concerned. We are all affected by these budget inactions as the facilities we need and rely on fall into disrepair. We all want the State of Illinois to be a place where our communities can thrive and grow and we believe this starts by caring for the infrastructure in which our communities live, work and play.

Bailey Edward staff sprang into action to voice their concerns this issue. We hope our initiative pays off as the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn today. If this issue persists, we recommend reaching out to your elected official to voice your concern. You can find your elected official at