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Projects | Awarded UI Hospital Post Partum Recovery Patient Rooms

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Responding to changing patient population trends, the University of Illinois Hospital’s renovation of twelve patient rooms for post-partum care will provide flexible multiple-acuity uses, enhanced nurse care, family-stay capabilities, and accessibility within a limited existing footprint while also creating appropriate mechanical systems to allow for temporary conversion of three patient rooms to an infection control wing during a highly contagious and serious infectious disease outbreak.

Our strategy, in acknowledgement of different nursing needs, is to split low-risk and high-risk patient rooms between two floors with low-risk served by an expanded remote nurse’s station. Furthermore, each patient room is planned in three distinct accessible and functional zones: a nursing/service zone, a patient/baby zone and an adjacent family zone. To speed delivery of care, nurse servers - linens, nurse storage, sink and charting computer - are located in-room.

The new nurse’s station is carefully planned to provide greeting, security, four nursing workstations and charting, and a flexible equipment bay that provides for a variety of needs including: medications, crash carts, hemorrhage carts and a baby scale.

Bailey Edward looks forward to these newly renovated rooms improving patient outcomes by both bringing skilled clinical staff members closer to the patients and encouraging family member’s direct support. We expect positive results on patient satisfaction surveys through the design’s attention to acoustics, infection control, cleanliness, appearance and patient safety. Repositioning the existing rooms successfully for the new population will generate a positive contribution to the hospital’s bottom line.