• Edickson_alt Dickson_ellen_sm

    Ellen Bailey Dickson

    • Principal
    • Born in Brazil

    Ellen Bailey Dickson, FAIA is founding principal of Bailey Edward. Ellen holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studied at the Ecole d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme in Versailles, France. She has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects Chicago Chapter as Young Architect of the Year and was named one of the ‘Top 100 Women Making A Difference’ by Today’s Chicago Woman.

    As Managing Principal, Ellen acts as Principal-in-Charge, Project Manager and Senior Designer for commercial, healthcare, higher education, interior design and military design projects. Her leadership skills help create a positive team environment amongst the designer, client and contractor alongside her experience to bring a design into an exciting reality.

  • Robin_colorado 201

    Robin Edward Whitehurst

    • Principal
    • Colorado Quad Adventurer

    Robin Whitehurst has been a partner in the firm since 1992. Robin holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University. He routinely participates in speaking-engagements on educational topics for events such as the American Institute of Architects Illinois Annual Conference; the Association for Preservation Technology International Annual Conference; and, the Traditional Building Annual Exhibition & Conference.

    As Technical Principal, Robin actively serves as Principal-in-Charge, Project Manager and Senior Designer for faith environment, justice, K-12 education, preservation and research projects. His energy level is contagious and motivates the entire project team to perform at a higher level. Robin is able to synchronize the efforts and input of consultants, contractors and clients and thereby execute project goals.

  • Obailey_alt Bailey_omar_update-1sqred

    Omar Bailey

    • Associate Principal
    • Avid Snowboarder

    Omar Bailey is the Branch Manager for our Chicago Office. Omar holds a Bachelor of Architecture five-year professional degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. He is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional with a passion for architecture and the art of building. Omar’s ability to listen intently to the users, while maintaining the cost, schedule and building integrity is exemplary.

  • Klocke_alt%20image Klocke_web

    Kent Locke

    • Associate Principal
    • PE, NCEES
    • Sports Enthusiast

    Kent Locke is Branch Manager of our Fox River Grove Office. Kent holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience as Principal of Fox Valley Engineering (recently merged with Bailey Edward). Kent’s experience covers a broad variety of mechanical systems, including heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), chilled and hot water distribution, plumbing, fire protection, piping, heat recovery, humidification and building controls.

Management Team

  • Kevin_schnebly_alt Kevin_schnebly

    Kevin Schnebly

    • Associate
    • CDT, LEED AP
    • Certified Fire Fighter II

    Kevin Schnebly is the Branch Manager for our Champaign Office. Kevin holds multiple certifications from CDT, ACI and OSHA; he is also a LEED accredited professional. Kevin plays a critical role as Construction Observer. He has developed a comprehensive understanding of policies, procedures and requirements associated with each project phase. This understanding allows Kevin to provide valuable insights and relevant, practical solutions.

  • Karla_smalley_alt Karla_smalley_sm

    Karla Smalley

    • Associate
    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Mother of Impressionistic Artists

    Karla Smalley is the acting Branch Manager for our Champaign Office. Karla holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma. She is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional with a passion for architecture and construction observation. Karla understands how to successfully manage a design team from the preliminary planning stages through construction.


  • Img_20140926_181127 C360_2017-02-28-15-27-53-224

    Walker Armstrong

    • Accountant
    • Amateur Urban Wildlife Photographer
  • Fb_20160405_11_39_09_saved_picture Auler_james-1sqred

    James Auler

    • AIA
    • Amateur Baseball Player
  • Bernaeyge_jeff_alt Bernaeyge_jeff

    Jeff Bernaeyge

    • DIY Enthusiast
  • Zclark%20alt%20image Zclark_sm

    Zachary Clark

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Aspiring Planetary Astronomer and Architect
  • Coffee1 Cline_brianne

    Brianne Cline

    • Coffee Enthusiast
  • Lindy_collett_alt Lindy_collett_sm

    Lindy Collett

    • Harley Gal
  • 1469803_10153534042245577_73111690_n Gaum_sara

    Sara Gaum

    • MBA
    • Avid Habs fan
  • Hainer_chris_alt Hainer_chris_sm

    Chris Hainer

    • LEED GA
    • Chocolate Connoisseur
  • Fun%20photo Cheaney%20headshot-2_reduced%20size

    Chris Heaney

    • EDM Enthusiast
  • Idol....not Thigginbotham

    Todd Higginbotham

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • American Senior Idol
  • 545008_3621073164037_1966716257_n Priya_kalidindi_sq-adj

    Priya Kalidindi

    • Hopeless Philotherian
  • Mojitomakerextraordinnaire_sm Martinez_alejportrait%20sm

    Alejandro Martinez

    • Mojito Maker Extraordinaire
  • Fun_pic%20for%20matt%233 Matt%20montalbono%20portrait_sm

    Matthew Montalbano

    • Unusual Sport Enthusiast
  • Neil_brightened_square

    Neil Nigos

  • Robenauf_alt%20image Robenauf_web

    Ryne Obenauf

    • PE
    • Home Brewer
  • Lito%20penas%20fun%20photo Lito_penas_sq-adj

    Celilito Penas

    • Formula One Fan
  • Michael_petti_alt Michael_petti_sm

    Michael Petti

    • Healthcare Leader
    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Father & Daughter Cubs Fans
  • Ds%20fun%20photo Dan%20sweeney_sq_sm

    Daniel Sweeney

    • The Sixth Man
  • Scaled.sturner Turner_susan_sm

    Susan Turner

    • Associate
    • Preservation Leader
    • World Traveler
  • Nturney_alt%20image Nturney_web

    Nick Turney

    • Grillmaster
  • Img_2341 Vidali%2c%20sharon%20headshot%20sq

    Sharon Vidali

    • Foodie
  • Rhian Rhian_whitehurst_sq

    Rhian Whitehurst

    • Animal Enthusiast
  • Damon%20bw%202 Wilson_damon_sm

    Damon Wilson

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Musician / Photographer