• Edickson_alt Dickson_ellen_sm

    Ellen Bailey Dickson

    • Managing Principal
    • Born in Brazil

    Ellen Bailey Dickson, FAIA is founding principal of Bailey Edward. Ellen holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studied at the Ecole d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme in Versailles, France. She has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects as a Fellow for her commitment to elevating the role of women in architecture and has been named a Woman of Influence, Enterprising Woman of the Year, Business Owner of the Year and  one of the ‘Top 100 Women Making A Difference’ by various media and business organizations.

    As Managing Principal, Ellen acts as Principal-in-Charge, Lead Programmer and Senior Designer for public sector projects. Her leadership skills help create a perceptive team environment while bringing a design into an exciting reality.

  • Robin_colorado 170515_robin%20whitehurst_square

    Robin Edward Whitehurst

    • Principal
    • Colorado Quad Adventurer

    Robin Whitehurst has been a partner in the firm since 1992. Robin holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University. He routinely participates in speaking-engagements on educational topics for events such as the American Institute of Architects Illinois Annual Conference; the Association for Preservation Technology International Annual Conference; and, the Traditional Building Annual Exhibition & Conference.

    As Technical Principal, Robin actively serves as Principal-in-Charge, Project Manager and Senior Designer for faith environment, justice, K-12 education, preservation and research projects. His energy level is contagious and motivates the entire project team to perform at a higher level. Robin is able to synchronize the efforts and input of consultants, contractors and clients and thereby execute project goals.

  • Obailey_alt Bailey_omar_update-1sqred

    Omar Bailey

    • Associate Principal
    • Avid Snowboarder

    Omar Bailey is the Branch Manager for our Chicago Office. Omar holds a Bachelor of Architecture five-year professional degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. He is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional with a passion for architecture and the art of building. Omar’s ability to listen intently to the users, while maintaining the cost, schedule and building integrity is exemplary.

  • Klocke_alt%20image Klocke_web

    Kent Locke

    • Associate Principal
    • PE, NCEES
    • Sports Enthusiast

    Kent Locke is Branch Manager of our Fox River Grove Office. Kent holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience as Principal of Fox Valley Engineering (recently merged with Bailey Edward). Kent’s experience covers a broad variety of mechanical systems, including heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), chilled and hot water distribution, plumbing, fire protection, piping, heat recovery, humidification and building controls.

Management Team

  • Kevin_schnebly_alt Kevin_schnebly

    Kevin Schnebly

    • Associate
    • CDT, LEED AP
    • Certified Fire Fighter II

    Kevin Schnebly is the Branch Manager for our Champaign Office. Kevin holds multiple certifications from CDT, ACI and OSHA; he is also a LEED accredited professional. Kevin plays a critical role as Construction Observer. He has developed a comprehensive understanding of policies, procedures and requirements associated with each project phase. This understanding allows Kevin to provide valuable insights and relevant, practical solutions.

  • Karla_smalley_alt Karla_smalley_sm

    Karla Smalley

    • Associate
    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Mother of Impressionistic Artists

    Karla Smalley is the Chief Architect for our Champaign Office. Karla holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma. She is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional with a passion for architecture and construction observation. Karla understands how to successfully manage a design team from the preliminary planning stages through construction.


  • Img_20140926_181127 170515_walker%20armstrong_sq

    Walker Armstrong

    • Director of Finance and Admin
    • Urban Photographer
  • Fb_20160405_11_39_09_saved_picture Auler_james-1sqred

    James Auler

    • AIA
    • Amateur Baseball Player
  • Bernaeyge_jeff_alt Bernaeyge_jeff

    Jeff Bernaeyge

    • DIY Enthusiast
  • Zclark%20alt%20image Zclark_sm

    Zachary Clark

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Associate
    • Aspiring Planetary Astronomer
  • Lindy_collett_alt Lindy_collett_sm

    Lindy Collett

    • Harley Gal
  • Fb_img_1515689343140 Graham%20headhsot

    Graham Dickson

    • Gamer
  • 12662_559715953033_2515822_n Rdwyer_version%202-1website

    Raymond Dwyer

    • AIA
    • Guitarist
  • 1469803_10153534042245577_73111690_n Gaum_sara

    Sara Gaum

    • MBA
    • Avid Habs fan
  • Fun%20photo Cheaney%20headshot-2_square

    Chris Heaney

    • EDM Enthusiast
  • Fun%20photo_henderhan Thenderhan-%20website%20crop

    Taylor Henderhan

    • Travel lover
  • 8a689a03 Chernandez-1

    Christian Hernandez

    • Marathoner
  • Idol....not Thigginbotham

    Todd Higginbotham

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • American Senior Idol
  • 545008_3621073164037_1966716257_n Pkalidindi_website

    Priya Kalidindi

    • Hopeless Philotherian
  • Dmk%20photo%20oak%20park%201 David%20kennedy_headshot%202_crop

    David Kennedy

    • Mixed-Use Design Leader
    • Oak Parker
  • Esports%20photo Patrick%201_3

    Patrick Krause

    • eSports Fan
  • Website%20alt%20photo Img_0550_crop1

    Matthew Lyons

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Fantasy Football Savant
  • Alt%20photo Website%20crop%202

    Meghna Majethiya

    • Amateur Artist
  • Mojitomakerextraordinnaire_sm Martinez_alejportrait%20sm

    Alejandro Martinez

    • Mojito Maker Extraordinaire
  • Fun_pic%20for%20matt%233 Matt%20montalbono%20portrait_sm

    Matthew Montalbano

    • Unusual Sport Enthusiast
  • Neil%203%20website%20crop

    Neil Nigos

  • Robenauf_alt%20image Robenauf_web

    Ryne Obenauf

    • PE
    • Home Brewer
  • Lito%20penas%20fun%20photo Img_2415

    Celilito Penas

    • Formula One Fan
  • Michael_petti_alt Michael_petti_sm

    Michael Petti

    • Healthcare Leader
    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Father & Daughter Cubs Fans
  • Alt%20image%20for%20website Jpugh-1%20website%20crop

    Joi Pugh

    • Classical Pianist
  • Img_1185%20edited

    Natalie Pugh

  • Website%20alt%20image Srydecki_website

    Stephanie Rydecki

    • Figure Skater
  • Website%20alternative%20image Img_2405_website

    Chuck Sabo

    • Chicago Sports Enthusiast
  • Img_1202%20edited.jpg_website

    Timothy Scovic

    • AIA, NCARB
  • Website%20photo Htierney_penultimate_website

    Hannah Tierney

    • Seamstress 
  • Nturney_alt%20image Nturney_web

    Nick Turney

    • Certified Plumbing Designer
    • Grillmaster
  • Img_2341 Sharon%20website%20crop

    Sharon Vidali

    • Foodie
  • Steven%20wells%20-%20alt%20website%20photo Swells%20website%20crop

    Steven Wells

    • Natural State Born and Raised
  • Damon%20bw%202 170515_damon%20wilson_sq

    Damon Wilson

    • AIA, LEED AP
    • Musician / Photographer
  • Dairy-products Youngbrawner%20headshot

    Danielle Young-Brawner

    • NCIDQ
    • Dairy Devotee